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Free to learn and participate
  • Access to basic channels of our community space, where you can obtain information, help and other resources.
  • The best way to see what we are all about without committing to a paid plan.
  • An opportunity to join online events such as eSports tournaments.
  • Access to live and on demand webinars, as well as extra content.


$499 USD per month
  • Access to exclusive channels + instant messaging support.
  • Up to 20Gb of inbound/outbound traffic in Edge Network Appliances.
  • One 10Gbps port at Dockix Rosario, and the possibility of adding more ports, services and add-ons.
  • Everything from Community included in this plan.
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$999 USD per month
  • Dockix Service Quality Certification. Requires network reports and audits.
  • Up to 40Gb of inbound/outbound traffic in Edge Network Appliances.
  • Two 10Gbps ports at Dockix Rosario and the possibility of adding more ports, services and add-ons.
  • Everything from the other plans.

If the hardware costs decrease, software can perform network functions and the IXP improves its cost-efficiency, why are member costs not steadily decreasing with scale?"

Paraphrasing from David Temkin, VP of Systems & Networks, Netflix, at NANOG 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target audience for Dockix?
Companies operating Internet networks as service providers or ISP partners that require interconnection and associated services. The main reason for them to join is to access content and services inexpensively, especially when compared to the cost of reaching those networks themselves or by relying in other solutions that have different interests in mind. Our first IXP region is aimed at Rosario, Argentina.
If the intentions is to cut costs for ISPs, why do you charge a monthly fee?
Because the monthly plans are based on a considerable utilization of peering traffic where we can be effective. When we consider 5Gb of peak traffic of a given content supplier, we can see savings of up to 80% when compared to other alternatives in the Argentina market.
How does Dockix ISP certification work?
At Dockix, we believe that the Internet requires certain conditions of trust in the service providers. Currently, consumers do not have visibility into the service quality, and there are bad practices where cost efficiency is confused with traffic manipulation and the suppression of information access rights. This is connected to sustainability and basic human rights, so we take it seriously.
A member of the ISP+ plan can opt to have Dockix audit its network for middleware and bad practices, and issue a certification that promotes the quality of the service.
What are the On Demand Services?
The ISP+ plan gives members the possibility to add premium services, which does not deal with the basic ones like CDNs, Caches and Edge Network Appliances, but Peering and Routing agreements we can coordinate with other IXPs in Europe we have a partnership with.

A Common Free Road

Each member in a paid plan enjoys the same representation, voice and voting rights. The decisions of the IXP will reflect the needs of the majority of its members, but they are subject to our mission: To add sustainable value and differentiate our member ISPs.