an ixp made by isps

The Internet does not follow the rules of the past

The balance of power in traditional IXPs is not fair. Dockix is an internet exchange point designed with sustainability in mind.

A Dock for Content

Internet providers that interconnect with Dockix know that the first priority is the wellbeing of their IP traffic.

We only concern ourselves with adding value for our members, generating cost efficiencies and guaranteeing sustainable terms so that ISPs can grow their subscriber counts.

We are committed to never lose track of this due to other commercial opportunities, where pursuing them would compete with our mission.

Also, we will never spend a minute of our time with political undertakings that might conspire against the original design of the Internet.

The network of networks is distributed, open and free of external manipulation. Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.

Dockix is an ISP hub, with a strong emphasis on software and a modern vision for IXPs. It operates its first IXP in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

ip traffic does not play nice with practices from the Industrial Age

Bye bye to broken promises

No more sitting around waiting for the IXP to consider your needs.
The end of long, unfavorable contracts that are designed to add value mostly to the IXP administrators' markup.

Being part of our community is easy

We have open spaces that are available to the general public, as well as channels reserved for active members.

Get started today and participate in conversations, shared resources, online events and a lot more!
our values

Without these,  sustainability is threatened


We believe there are plenty of unexplored possibilities by existing entities due to their limitations and convenience. Our aim is to care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, and expect more than others think is possible.


We reject the idea of obfuscating processes and decisions. Everything should be clear for everyone involved, without intermediaries, and with fairness and trust. We oppose practices that benefit the very few and increase or maintain costs for everyone else.


The ISP hub as a lifestyle. We could not do what we do without involving a wider audience, and giving a voice to members that would otherwise not have access to our information. It is essential to promote new entrants, share code, best practices, common questions, networking, etc.
How does it work?

The Age of Virtualized Network Functions

Software is eating the Data Center, as network functions that were traditionally handled by hardware are now being replaced by code, in more manageable, scalable and cost efficient processes.

Thanks to several open source solutions that begin to redefine networking, there is an ongoing shift in how we think about interconnections.

At Dockix, we adopt these and make agreements with content owners that are relevant to our members.

Our skill set with cloud technologies, microservices and modern programming languages is vital to carry on this cost efficiency to our members.

We do not put a focus on our revenue, but rather, on making sense as a cost saver for our members.

As long as our structure is associative, and everyone can enjoy a fair, ever-improving user experience, we will be successful.

Dockix is made by ISPs, for ISPs.

Dockix is an Internet Exchange Point for Internet Service Providers in Argentina